Education & Behavioral Science

New Program for 2023-2024

The Education and Behavioral Science Program is for students interested in pursuing a career in behavioral science, education, special education, and related services. Professionals in these careers help others grow academically, socially, and emotionally. The best educators have a deep understanding of the why behind challenging behaviors and talk with students about what they need in order to grow and learn. The best counselors understand how people think and learn and embrace teaching strategies to help their clients adopt mindfulness exercises, challenge anxious thoughts, and disrupt unhealthy patterns.

Education & Behavioral Science year two students will take a deep dive into the career pathway that aligns with their future goals by choosing to participate in either (1) education strand or (2) behavioral science strand. The education strand includes careers in education and special education and related services like occupational therapy and speech and language pathology.  The behavioral science strand includes careers in the fields of psychology, social work, and counseling. Education & Behavioral Science II students participate in internships and practicums.


Mrs. Sarah Bilodeau

Education & Behavioral Science Teacher

Leadership Organizations

  • Educators Rising

  • National Technical Honor Society

Suggested Sequence of Courses

  • Human Growth & Development I (0.5 credits)

  • Education & Behavioral Science I (2 credits)

  • Human Growth & Development II (0.5 credits)

  • Education & Behavioral Sciences II (2 credits)