Forestry Winners at Deerfield Fair

SRVRTC FFA students traveled to the Deerfield Fair on Friday, September 30, 2022, to compete against other NH chapters in horticulture and forestry competitions. Newport was well represented with 37 students led by their dedicated teachers and advisors, Sam Nelson and Deborah Stevens. The team brought home a plethora of ribbons including several first and second place finishes. It was clear that we had a strong group that was well prepared. Furthermore, each time that Newport students were up for an event, the level of peer pride was audible. Students watched intently and cheered loudly as their classmates competed in live forestry events such as bow saw, cross cut, pulp toss, tree ID, log roll, and wood splitting. 

SRVRTC placed 2nd overall in Forestry with the following honorable mentions:

  • Cross cut

    • 1st Place: Logan Ash, Bryce Bahara, Makyi Matheson & Dominic Johnson

  • Log Roll

    • 1st Place: Gabe Nerenburg & Gabe Merritt

    • 2nd Place: Perry Boardman & Maria White

  • Tree ID

    • 2nd Place: Dominic Johnson

    • 3rd Place: Emily Peckham

  • Bow Saw

    • 2nd Place: Perry Boardman & Jared Howald

    • 3rd Place: Gabe Merritt & Gabe Nerenberg

Second place overall was also achieved in Floral Design. For this event, students prepared seasonal arrangements ahead of time within parameters on materials and expenses. First year competitors were grouped in a novice category and students with more tenure enjoyed additional creative latitude in an experienced group. Newport’s Gracie Farland earned the highest award in the experienced group and was named Granite State FFA Champion with the colorful arrangement she created within a white pumpkin vessel. Many other horticulture teammates earned individual first, second and third place ribbons. The Danish system of scoring was used which meant that multiple students could place. As such, the following students earned 1st place awards: Ava Cameron, Gracie Farland, Tom Griggs, Evah Hodge, Alanna Lee, and Emrhys Medbery.

Congratulations and well done to the SRVRTC FFA chapter! You represented yourselves and your school very well.