Students in front of bus on a field trip

On a sunny spring day Welding, Health Science  and EMT programs joined forces and visited the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to check out the expansive facility. 

With approximately 10,000 employees onsite daily, the Navy base has much of the same infrastructure as a city would. EMT and second-year Health Science students toured the Shipyard's medical facility, police station, fire & EMS station and emergency management facility / emergency operations center. In addition to seeing some very impressive equipment, they heard from more than a dozen civilian and enlisted employees who enthusiastically spoke about health-related career opportunities on the base and how those jobs compare and contrast with similar roles outside of the Navy. 

Welding students toured other parts of the base where they got to see welding and metalwork in action. They boarded a submarine simulator to experience what it would be like working in such an environment, visited the shipyard’s pipe and structural welding schools, and toured a non-destructive examination area where professionals inspect welds using techniques including ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing.

All students on the trip learned about the rich history of the Shipyard. It was certainly a memorable experience for everyone involved!