Wireless Upgrades at NM&HS/SRVRTC

posted Nov 26, 2014, 6:25 AM by vbridge@sau43.org
The new wireless network is up and running at NM&HS/SRVRTC. We replaced the 35 old model wireless access points with 55 brand new access points. These APs can handle more traffic more quickly. The old network, Newport-GA, has been shut down. Staff should not notice any change in connectivity with district issued devices; these machines were automatically joined to the new, SAU43-ED, network. Staff and students will notice that they can no longer connect using their personal devices; the traffic on Newport-GA was at least 50% unauthorized devices due to the widespread sharing of the access code. The good news is, the new APs will allow us to share the wireless network with a new SAU43-GUEST network. The Tech Committee and the Policy Committee are working on policy and procedure for allowing students and staff to bring their own devices and connect to the Internet through the SAU43-GUEST network and filters. We hope to have that work done and be ready to start issuing access codes after the Christmas break. Finally, the upgrade at NM&HS allows us to repurpose the old access points at Richards and Towle, doubling the wireless connectivity in both schools.