Role of Coordinator of Educational Improvement:

To oversee district and school improvement in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment and related activities to improve student learning outcomes and achievement

Coordinate strategic work in curriculum, instruction, and assessment with administrators and teachers.

Oversee committee and collaborative groups on data and professional development, as well as actively participate in technology, grants, and communication committee meetings to improve student outcomes.

Provide administration guidance and collaboration to the District Professional Development Committee to annually provide training during the school year and in the summer to staff that enhances the repertoire of instructional strategies and aligns with District objectives and is research based.

Oversee and be responsible for the reimbursement process for individual requests from teachers and staff for personal professional development and reimbursement.

Write, administer, manage and align the Title IIa grant annually with the District’s strategic goals and professional development plans.

Oversee and be responsible for the mentoring program in the district.

Develop a system for tracking individual student achievement data with the focus on utilizing the data to modify delivery of curriculum and instruction to achieve greater student outcomes.

Create and oversee district and/or school based data teams to routinely review student achievement data and make recommendations relating to curriculum and instructional changes and necessary professional development for staff.

Develop a curriculum plan and oversee its implementation in order to align Newport School District Curriculum with the Common Core State Standards in all curricula.

Attend School Board meetings and other meetings to present data and information related to district/school improvement, curriculum development, student achievement, and professional development as requested by the Superintendent.