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Goals & Roles
Note: The information below is articulated in page 6 of the SAU #43 
PD Master Plan 2010-2015 (Board Approved November 8, 2010)
The Professional Development Master Plan Committee develops, 
implements, and evaluates the local master plan as required by NH 
DOE regulations. The responsibilities of the committee shall be to: 
o 1. Design and recommend policy to the school board 
o 2. Review and update the Professional Development Master Plan 
o 3. Address the district’s in-service needs 
o 4. Provide professional growth activities 
o 5. Share needs assessment information with 
the Superintendent of Schools. 
o 6. Evaluate the function of the system. 
o 7. Hear appeals from staff. 
o 8. Support educators in the recertification process. 
o Provide PD to support the initiatives and requirements for the entire 
o Provide staff professional development opportunities per contract 

March 24 & April 7

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