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The District Professional Development Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Towle School in the PD meeting room. 

Goal of the PD Committee 
The purpose of professional development is to promote a broad range of high quality learning experiences for all educators, and ultimately all students.  In order for the professional development plan to accomplish this purpose, the PD Committee must ensure an alignment of professional development activities with district goals, classroom practices, assessments, and staff evaluations.  The process must be responsive to district needs and include input from the community, parents, students, teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff members, administrators, and school board members, while meeting state and national requirements.

2017-2018 Professional Development Committee Members
  • Tammy Emery- Richards, Building Rep. 
  • Stephanie Gilson- Richards, Teacher
  • Craig Putnam- Richards, Paraeducator
  • Erin McCune- NMHS, Building Rep. 
  • Sandra Flint - Community Member
  • Cynthia Gallagher - Superintendent
  • Patrice Glancey- Curriculum Director
Meeting Minutes

PD Forms & Materials 

2017-2018 Professional Development and Assessment Calendar

Self Paced Online Professional Development Opportunities: 

Videos and Resources for Required Elements for Walkthroughs

DQ1: Element 1: Providing learning targets

How to Create Student Friendly Learning Targets

DQ6: Element 4: Establishing Classroom Routines

Classroom Routines

DQ 9: Element 39: Demonstrating Value and Respect for All Students

High Expectations for All Students