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Current Grants

Whole Foods Grant

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Newport School District won a competitive grant from Whole Foods Stores in the amount of $2,000 to go toward building a school garden at Richards School. Students in Mrs. Ferrigno’s first grade class will have the opportunity to build garden beds and grow plants that produce a variety of uncommon vegetables. These vegetables will be either eaten by the students in Mrs. Ferrigno’s class or sold to Café Services to feed students throughout Richards School. The money earned from sales will go toward purchasing seeds and supplies for the following year.

Student Assistance Program Grant

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The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services awarded a grant to the Newport School District for $60,000 for 1-2 years. This grant is to implement Project Success, a substance abuse prevention and referral program for youth in grades 5-12. Natasha English was hired as the Substance Abuse Program Counselor in December of 2014. Activities contained in this grant include Sticker Shock; placing stickers warning about buying alcohol for minors on beverages that contain alcohol bought in local stores, , family/community activities, group interventions, individual support., and attending the CADCA conference in Washington, D.C.; pictured above you see Natasha English and Katherine Moaratty of Newport School District and Liz Hennig and Bridget Taylor of Communities United with Senator Ayotte who received an award for her work toward Substance Abuse Prevention.

Youth in Prevention 2014-2015

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McKinney-Vento 2013-2014

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The McKinney-Vento 2013-2014 Grant Funds:  
Tiger Cafe: 

Opening Monday March 31 at NMHS, 

4 day a week program offering: 
Credit recovery, 
Access to technology (15 Chromebooks), & 

Wellborn 2013-2014

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Wellborn Ecology Fund Partnership with Newport School District

IDEA 2013-2014

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Funding provides the following: 

Autism consultant 
Inclusion consultant 
Special Ed. teachers 
Specialized equipment 
Disability awareness pd 
Child Find

Title I 2013-2014

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The Title I Vision: 
Title I provides support through resources and research- based teaching, enabling schools to develop high quality, enriched programs that meet the individual needs of all students, families, and staff. The Newport Title I program promotes the belief that all children can learn and acknowledges that parents share the schools' commitment to educational success for all students. We recognize that a student's education is a responsibility shared by school, family, and community. By providing a positive, caring environment with high educational expectations, Title I ensures that all students feel capable, connected, and able to grow as learners. We will work with our colleagues, administrators, and families to encourage students to achieve high standards and make worthwhile contributions to their community

Title II 2013-2014

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Title II Part A, Preparing, Training and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals

Coordinator of Educational Improvement

Formula grants to school districts provide Federal assistance with the expectation of increasing student achievement from a broad school and district wide professional development plan articulated in each SAU's Professional Development Master Plan. Such Plans detail strategies that e.g., (1) improve teacher and principal quality: (2) increase the number of highly qualified teachers (HQT) and paraprofessionals teaching in the classroom, which includes "recruiting and hiring HQT to reduce class size, particularly in the early grades" (Section 2123a2B); and/or (3) improve the capacity of principals, assistant principals and superintendents in schools as outstanding managers and educational leaders.

Newport Schools' Professional Learning
Statement of Purpose

The purpose of professional development is to promote a broad range of high quality learning experiences for all students. In order for the professional development plan to accomplish this purpose, it must ensure an alignment of professional development activities, district goals, classroom practices, classroom and district assessments, and staff evaluations. The process must be responsive to district needs and include input from the community, parents, students, teachers, paraprofessionals, other staff members, administrators, and school board members, while meeting state and national requirements.

This Professional Development Master Plan has been developed to provide the structure and means through which educators continuously enhance their professional competency and simultaneously satisfy the NH recertification requirements enumerated in Ed 512. The procedures and tools of this plan are intended to facilitate the individual and collective growth of all district educators. This plan recognizes that high quality professional development is: Driven by the results of a regular and systematic analysis of a variety of data and information on student learning. Focused on the effective implementation of research-based educational practices. Responsive to the unique learning needs and styles of each individual educator. Accomplished through collaboration among all constituents. Aligned with goals outlined in the improvement priorities of the district. The Master Plan recognizes that professional development is a continuous process involving setting goals, identifying students' needs, examining instructional practices and student performance, and determining if the process has been successful in improving student achievement.

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